7 Indoor Activities to Do with Your Dog on a Rainy Day

7 Indoor Activities to Do with Your Dog on a Rainy Day

Indoor Dog Activities

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Hide and Seek
3. DIY Dog Toys
4. Puzzle Time
5. Indoor Obstacle Course
6. Treat Hunt
7. Training Sessions
8. Conclusion


Rainy days can be unpleasant for both you and your animal companion. Your dog may become restless and bored due to a lack of outdoor activity. To keep your dog entertained and mentally active, there are many fun indoor things you can do together. This article will go over seven fun indoor things you can do with your dog if it's raining.

Hide and Seek

Dogs enjoy playing hide and seek. It's a terrific approach to practice obedience and problem-solving abilities in addition to being enjoyable. The rules are as follows:

How to Play

  • To begin, instruct your dog to remain in one location while you skulk in another.
  • Encourage your dog to come to you by calling their name.
  • Reward your dog with food and praise when they find you.

Not only is hide and seek fun, but it also deepens your relationship with your dog.

DIY Dog Toys

Use your imagination to design your own dog toys out of common items. Making toys with your dog can be a fun way to strengthen your relationship.

DIY Toy Ideas

  • Old socks can be stuffed with squeakers or other crinkly materials and then tied into a snake shape.
  • To make a sturdy tug toy, braid together some old t-shirts or towels.
  • Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser: To make an interactive playtime, make a small slit in a tennis ball and place sweets inside.

These homemade toys satisfy your dog's desire to chew and play while also stimulating the mind.

Puzzle Time

Use puzzle toys and activities to stimulate your dog's thinking. Pet retailers have a variety of puzzle toys, or you can make your own.

Puzzle Toy Ideas

  • Treat-Dispensing Toys: Stuff your dog's preferred treats into a treat-dispensing toy.
  • Interactive feeder bowls: These bowls include challenges that require your dog to overcome in order to get at their food, which slows down mealtime.
  • Hide-and-Seek Puzzle mats: Place treats inside the pockets of the mat and let your dog hunt them down.

Puzzle toys engage your dog for hours while testing their problem-solving abilities.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Create an interior obstacle course out of furniture, boxes, and cushions. This activity involves both mental and physical workout.

Creating an Obstacle Course

  • Create a course that includes poles for weaving, jumps, and tunnels.
  • With the aid of food and encouraging words, lead your dog through the course.
  • As your dog improves, the course difficulty should be increased.

Keep your dog active and interested with an indoor obstacle course.

Treat Hunt

By putting treats about your house, you may make a treasure hunt for your dog. This pastime appeals to their innate desire to hunt and explore.

How to Set Up a Treat Hunt

  • Place goodies around your house in different places.
  • Get your dog to look for the buried goodies.
  • As they discover each reward, give verbal cues and excitement.

Your dog will feel mentally stimulated and accomplished after participating in a treat search.

Training Sessions

Rainy days are a great time to do some deliberate training sessions with your dog. Revisit the fundamental commands or show them some new ones.

Training Tips

  • Select a peaceful area away from outside disturbances.
  • Use tactics for positive reinforcement, rewarding your dog with praise or treats.
  • To avoid boredom, keep training sessions brief and pleasant.

In addition to improving your dog's behavior and mentally stimulating them, training also deepens your relationship with them.


You and your dog buddy don't have to be bored on rainy days. You can keep your dog occupied, mentally challenged, and content indoors while staying dry if you use these seven indoor activities. So, the next time it rains, take advantage

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